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  • I have a staff member who suffers from extreme anxiety when presenting – is your training suitable for them?
    While we have experience in helping people with public speaking anxiety, this is best achieved away from work colleagues. Fear-less Public Speaking, our sister company, offers small group courses for people with an extreme fear of public speaking.
  • How quickly will I see results?
    It takes practice to develop good presentation skills. While you should see immediate improvements in confidence, it can take longer for people to improve their delivery. After an Articulate course, we suggest that you consider supporting staff who are interested in ongoing skill development. This could be through paying for Toastmaster fees, offering an in-house public speaking course, and/or providing a forum for staff to practice presentations at team meetings or lunchtime learnings.
  • Can you provide support to people leaders and managers?
    We can run separate training for leaders and managers, or they can take part in the same training as their team members. We can offer tips on ways to develop verbal advice skills in their staff. For example, how to gradually expose staff to providing verbal advice and how to give constructive feedback.
  • Can you provide ongoing training?
    We are happy to discuss your needs and recommend others if we can’t do it ourselves.
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