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Our services

Articulate can tailor a training programme to meet your needs. Our most popular programmes are:

Audience Clapping at Articulate Workshop


Half-day workshop (3 hours) for up to 30 people. The workshop is interactive, with plenty of opportunities for discussion and questions. 

Work Presentation with Articulate Verbal Advice Training


Full-day training (6 hours) for up to 10 people. This includes everything in the half-day workshop, some extra exercises, and a practical component. Each participant delivers a short introduction to a presentation and receives feedback on their delivery. Some participants will have the opportunity to practice fielding questions.

Staff Meeting


We can also tailor training to suit your needs. For example, we can provide a combination of training by delivering a morning workshop to a larger group and provide practical training for a smaller group in the afternoon. 

What our training includes

  • Roles, responsibilities and expected behaviours in providing verbal advice (including what to expect in return)

  • Effective preparation – planning your presentation; predicting questions, challenges, and tricky issues; and practising your delivery. We include a tool to help predict some of those “left-field” questions that can trip people up! 

  •  Delivering advice – the principles of confident delivery, how to recognise and eliminate distracting habits

  • Tips and strategies for managing nerves

  • Fielding questions – listening, clarifying, and responding constructively to questions without getting rattled. We train people who present to elected members to identify ‘political’ questions and respond appropriately. 

  • Debriefing afterwards to receive feedback, identify learnings and de-stress!

Tailored Verbal Training Programmes
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